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Last night on “Keeping up with Kardashians,” Kourtney was embarrassed to buy lube. Apparently, breast-feeding, which Kourtney is a huge proponent of, affects one’s estrogen levels, lowering them to the point that it may be impossible to get “juicy down there,” to quote Miss Kourtney.  Scott, bold as ever, is unafraid of the lubing up of his girl, maintaining that there’s nothing embarrassing about buying it. It’s rare that I’ll compliment Scott as being progressive, a paragon of women’s rights. But still, I want to congratulate him for not being a downright jerk about the necessity of lube.

Kourtney, girl, I love you. But it’s time to be okay with your vag. And really, it’s not your fault.

Let’s take a look at the culprits of this:

1.) We have a culture of celebrity that monitors the every move of their waiting prey. Heaven forbid anyone get a yeast infection, a sinus infection, or an ectopic pregnancy. Heaven forbid any of them get an abortion, or an adoption. What is personal, private, and often medical is still fair game for the paparazzi.  And why the paparazzi?

2.) Because we want to know.  We want to turn on and find out that, embarrassingly enough, someone needs lube. Let me first excuse myself from this. I adore “Keeping up with the Kardashians” because I love the family. It’s not so I can watch them embarrass themselves, be dumb, be whores, etc. It’s because I want to listen to pop music with them and wear too much eyeliner.  But there’s a large chunk of people who watch these kinds of shows with irony, hoping to see failure, so that they can feel better about themselves. And those people are jerks.

3.) We live in a culture that’s overly focused on the size, shape, smell, and utility of a woman’s vagina. No wonder she’s embarrassed. The United States has yet to shed its virgin/whore dichotomy; I won’t even address the rest of the world’s concerns. The fact that a woman may need lube– whether or not she’s recently had a child– shouldn’t even be a concern of anyone. Maybe the only concerns we should have would be the concerns of a consumer: do I want this kind, which is organic, or do I want this kind, which helps reduce yeast infections?

Kourtney Kardashian, I salute you. You’re adorable, and you have a cute kid, and you do what you gotta do.  Eff the media, the haters, and women made of sandpaper too afraid to get help.

For more on Kourtney from her point of view, visit her website: officialkourtneyk.celebuzz.com

–The Libra


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