Team Mondo Interlude

Here at Famous For Bad Reasons, we are of the opinion that even if you get famous through reality television, you deserve it. No matter how many hipsters ironically view you; no matter how many conservatives call you a tramp or a whore; no matter how many graduate students salivate over you and call you “easy television”; you deserve to be famous because god damn it, you followed the rules of Andy Warhol, Master Svengali of the Highest Order. You are channeling his albino, wiggy self, and you won!

Mondo Guerra of “Project Runway” is my hero. I have yet to buy my Team Mondo shirt, but I don’t know why it’s taking me so long. These shirts are adorable. They’re colorful, just like everything Mondo produces. What’s more is he wrenched the hearts open of every viewer (I hope) two episodes ago when he made a pattern inspired by his struggle with hiding the fact that he was HIV+. I laughed. I cried. I went to bed thinking to myself, “Maybe, despite the backlash against the ‘It Gets Better’ videos, it does get better.”

I dreamed of color. I dreamed of sunsets, polka dotted kittens, and seersucker and plaid and Halston capes from the 70s– but the capes were a sunset, and full of color. The world lit up! Everything was beautiful!

All because I watch a television show that inspires me; I connect to a personality on the show and decide to love that person no matter when he has a diva moment versus Heidi’s own diva nature. I love his hair, and I decide to buy a Team Mondo tee shirt. I write all in a blog about this. I hope he googles “famous for bad reasons” just to find himself, gleaming and prismatic, reflecting everything in the room.

I can’t wait until tomorrow! Go Team Mondo!

–The Libra


About Famous For Bad Reasons

Pop Culture and Feelings, brought to you by two people with too much regard for the former and no regard for the latter.
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One Response to Team Mondo Interlude

  1. LEXI says:

    I’m his #1 FAn !!! I LOVE you Mondo ❤

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