Happy Birthday, Dear Libra

The Libra’s birthday is tomorrow (10/22)! For this joyous occasion, I have decided to make this post in her honor.

The Libra and I met in college, my junior year and her sophomore. I am about 90% sure we met because we had mutual friends and knew each other’s LiveJournals, but my college memory is very fuzzy so that could be wrong. Regardless. We met, we saw, we conquered (the campus) (in terms of FFBR). By my senior year, after we had the bonding experience of breaking into a house together (blood sisters), we began rooming together, at first in a dorm on Front Quad and later in an apartment across the street from campus. It was here that the Libra began to put up with my habits of leaving Fresca cans everywhere, coming in at all hours of the night (sometimes talking in a Borat voice–whatever, it was 2006), playing MASH at unfortunate times during our Civil Rights Movement class (sorry Freedom Riders, we really weren’t laughing at you), and making her stay with me when I had an emo moment and needed to drink wine and listen to early 90s techno music. And she did it all without question.

And when we moved to our apartment, she cooked me delicious pasta every Sunday night so we could watch Brian Kinney, our FFBR role model. Once again, she dealt with my Fresca compulsion and my less-than-healthy college habits. And all she asked in return was the ability to film me asleep in the couch for some weird film project that I’m still not 100% sure of the purpose.

Without the Libra, my college experience would have been a lot less emo (we all need someone who will embrace our need for darkness and black nail polish when we’re at that point in our lives) and have had a lot less Nelly Furtado and Third Eye Blind. And that’s a college experience I just don’t want to imagine.

–The Gemini


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