Friends of FFBR: Deanna Fei

In this new series, we will be posting links to various articles we find and appreciate. Here is Deanna Fei’s Why Every Writer Should Watch Jersey Shore.

“But this week, as I started to anticipate Jersey Shore withdrawal, it occurred to me that the show isn’t just great trashy-TV. Or even just great TV. It’s some pretty great storytelling, and it holds some valuable lessons for literary folks like me. (I realize I’m running the risk of sounding archly hip, in the way that Gawker appends to every mention of the show the tagline, “the most important sociological experiment of our time.” But I’m serious.)

Take character development. Initially, we might’ve tuned in just to snicker at those orange-skinned, big-haired, self-proclaimed Guidos and Guidettes, but the show has cumulatively revealed each of these kids as fully, gloriously human. Every episode contains scenes that define the fundamental character of each cast member–as well as scenes that complicate that picture. Each of them is given space to be shape-shifting, to surprise us, to alternate between self-awareness and self-delusion.”

Full article here:


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