Wheels on Fire: Please, God, Let Ab Fab Return

Probably why I’m the co-founder of Famous For Bad Reasons has to do with the television I was raised on. While as a child I was torn between two worlds: shows like “Full House” where families could resolve most problems within 20 minutes, save for a few “to be continued” as Uncle Jesse caught himself in a tree, and shows like “Absolutely Fabulous” where I learned what a gin and tonic can do to sad, lonely women.

Every once in a while the show gets revived for another season. In Britain they can do that. They can also happily end a show after a couple of seasons (or six episodes, as in “Fortysomething” starring Hugh Laurie, which was indeed wonderful). I guess there are different cultural expectations– we don’t want a show to end until someone’s had a cancer baby that became a stripper too young because of all the crystal meth and gaymarriage. That’s America.

But now Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley may be reviving their old roles as Edina and Patsy in “Ab Fab,” and I couldn’t be more pleased. Even if it’s just a rumor, it’s the kind of rumor (rumour?) I live for. It’s television for pathetic people who believe in fame and fashion as a means of existence; except, we get to laugh at ourselves for it. And that’s fab.

I’m pretty sure this happened to The Gemini and I upon returning from a Jason Mraz concert at Virginia Tech circa 2006.

–The Libra


About Famous For Bad Reasons

Pop Culture and Feelings, brought to you by two people with too much regard for the former and no regard for the latter.
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