Praise Kanyesus

Some think Kim Kardashian is our favorite FFBR icon. Easy mistake. When one watches as much E! as we do here at FFBR, we can’t help but constantly write about our Armenian princess.

But no, the true King of FFBR is this GQMF right here:

Kanye is the epitome of Famous For Bad Reasons. He is a crazy Gemini who gets drunk and does stupid shit and the media and general population crucify him for it, even if he was just saying what was on everyone else’s mind at the time. You can understand why I feel a connection. If the position of My Spirit Animal wasn’t already filled by Khloe Kardashian, Kanye would be right there.

So why do I love him so? Let me count the ways.

1. You always know what’s on his mind. Whether it’s calling out George Bush for continuing to fuck up our country, complaining about a perceived slight from Matt Lauer, or what he thinks is the best video of all time, you know what he’s thinking. Say what you will about him, but you can’t call him fake.
2. His Twitter. His sweet, glorious Twitter. The following are some of my favorite 140-character thoughts Kanye has blessed us with:

  • “I specifically ordered persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! What do I have to do to get a simple persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuugh”
  • “Fur pillows are hard to actually sleep on”
  • His semi-monthly breakdowns

And my personal favorite of all-time, this series of three in a row:

  • “Sometimes I push the door close button on people running towards the elevator. I just need my own elevator sometimes, my 7 floor sanctuary. Don’t you hate it when you say bye to someone then yall get on the elevator together and it’s like, now what?? Awkwaaard. In life… Sometimes you gotta just wait for the next elevator.” [ed. note: OMG YES. KANYE, YOU JUST GET ME.]

3. Speaking of twitter, his old blog was a thing of beauty. His Bonnaroo rant and his since-deleted apology to Taylor Swift, among other classics, gave us some of the best Kanye-isms of all. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LET HIM BE GREAT?????????

4. His talent. This is the most important thing about Kanye, but is also the thing about him that often gets overshadowed. In a rap world full of people teaching me how to dougie, Kanye and his 35-minute Runaway video are a gasping breath of fresh air.

His latest masterpiece, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, received a 5-star rating from Rolling Stone, joining his 2005 classic Late Registration (and making Yeezy only the third artist, after Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, to get two 5-star reviews this decade). And it is seriously brilliant. Nobody even thinks of doing the stuff Kanye does. Please do your ears a favor, immediately.

Kanye has said of himself, “I’m not a good celebrity but I’m a great artist.” You are a great artist Yeezy, but don’t let anyone tell you you’re not a good celebrity as well. Your media trainer may have quit after a week and you may be partially responsible for the ad nauseum radio spins of a barely-talented “singer” who seems to only whine about boys, but you are Famous For Bad Reasons, and in our eyes: you are perfect.

–The Gemini


About Famous For Bad Reasons

Pop Culture and Feelings, brought to you by two people with too much regard for the former and no regard for the latter.
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5 Responses to Praise Kanyesus

  1. Stephen says:

    as much as i dislike kanye’s personality, it’d be foolish to deny his genius artistry. the man is crazy talented and makes amazing much. hip-hop i can tolerate, coming from a male artist? that is a feat worth bragging about.

    • And you bring up a good point– who says if we like an artist’s music that we have to like their personalities? Would we like every firefighter who comes to save our house from burning down? Probably not. But we don’t usually get to “know” our firefighters the way we “know” Kanye. (Okay, putting “know” in quotes makes it sound like I’m talking about knowing them in a Biblical way.) Eg., A few months ago I realized I hated Joanna Newsom as a person but loved her music; I kind of had to deal with that on my own terms. (What could I do, though? She made a stupid comment about Lady GaGa AND Madonna.)

      –The Libra

      • Stephen says:

        It’s become necessary for me to separate most artists’ personalities with their music, these days. Enjoyable music is enjoyable, and while the creator may not be so likable, she or he has given us the small gift, so props to him or her. From that perspective, many artists I used to hate with the passion of a thousand suns are now artists I list off when naming ones I enjoy listening to. While artistry may be closely aligned with one’s personality, it is not always the same, which allows me to enjoy Kanye’s music while rolling my eyes every time I see him in a non-music-related post.
        LOL I read about that comment and I was stunned. I just can’t deal with some of the shit people say, hence the separation between them and their music. The firefighter analogy is spot-on, as well.

  2. Vesper says:

    This post makes me happy to know I’m not alone in my “omg, I can’t believe how amazing this is” moments while listening to this album on repeat.

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