Blondie has a new album coming out called Panic of Girls. I have no idea what “Panic of Girls” as a phrase means, but I can only imagine it’s everything I could humanly project onto it. If you go to the official Blondie website’s download page, you can download (for free!) the new song “Mother.” Look, you may not be an angsty teen girl anymore (or ever), but you’ll probably like and relate to this song.

Is there anyone fucking cooler than Debbie Harry?

Probably not.

Think about it.

Who else was the muse to legendary Stephen Sprouse? And you may not care about fashion, but you should care about Sprouse, who blended art, rock, and fashion to punk up the scene. Day Glo, grafitti, ripping it to shreds– and Debbie got to wear what he designed, and she got to sing what she wanted, and she got to do what she wanted. Playboy bunny, punk rock, rapping, disco, dyed blonde, heavy lipstick, fabulous shades, and an angel’s voice. Oh, darling.

(This polaroid is apparently from the Stephen Sprouse family archives, and it’s amazing.)

And here Blondie is, kicking it out again and again. When I’m in my sixties I hope to God I’m still doing what I love to do– and looking beautiful while doing it.

–The Libra


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