Introducing: The FFBR Mascot

I have a niece. She’s 4 and loves Dora the Explorer, Elmo, and Lady Gaga. Her new favorite activity is to crawl in bed with me and say “I want to watch your movies, Gemini” by which she means various music videos on YouTube.

Her favorites include: Bad Romance (“oh no, she’s stuck in the diamonds! they need to get her out!”), Like a G6 (imagine my surprise when, before I’d ever heard the song, she was walking around my sister’s apartment singing about being slizzered) and If I Had You (or, as she refers to it, “Adam with the spikes and silly circus hat”).

One of my main goals in life is for her to follow in her Aunt Gemini’s footsteps. I’d say we’re off to a good start.

(This development is not surprising. When I was tasked with babysitting her alone for a week when she was all of two months old, we spent most of our days watching Queer as Folk and listening to The Smiths. Gotta start training them early!)

–The Gemini

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