The Libra’s “Strange” Addictions

The Gemini, who does all my gossip shopping for me, alerted me to this at ONTD: TLC’s “My Strange Addiction”.

Now, TLC isn’t the only one who’s fallen victim to marketing addiction to the masses. While I can get behind A&E’s “Intervention,” since it provides addictions and personalities of all kinds, I thought “Hoarders” was pushing it– at least, for what I find interesting. I need variety. And beauty. (Libras need beauty, grace, gentleness, FYI.)

However, TLC may have lost it– the woman who sleeps with her blowdryer? What’s so wrong with that?

Anyway, all addictions are “strange.” They defy what’s acceptable for the body and the mind; they defy rational thought, giving instead to what is illogical for the functioning of a human being. Right?

“My Strange Addiction,” I mean to say, is a stupid title for a show. It implies that somehow all other addictions are therefore normal. Or wrong, for that matter!

With that in mind, I’m going to provide you with my own strange addictions:

1.) Yogurt. I’m addicted to yogurt. If you just say “acidophilus” to me, I grow shaky and weak. I claw at the fridge, searching desperately for something to soothe my body.

2.) Waris Ahluwalia.

3.) The forearms of men.

4.) Silk scarves. Halston, Schiaparelli, Liberty of London, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Vera. All of these are hanging on the walls in my bedroom, in addition to a handful of vintage ties:

5.) House, MD. I don’t care how bad the show gets, I still watch it. I still relate to Dr. House (so much for being a gentle Libra). I still think if I roam around being mean to people I’ll save lives. This could be because I’m a sucker for Hugh Laurie (Gemini), though.

6.) Coffee. Who isn’t addicted to coffee? My 11-year-old niece has decided that she’s going to start drinking coffee when she’s 14, as she thinks that’s a reasonable age to give into an addiction she’s felt since she was small. She also thinks she’ll get an iPad that year; I trust her judgment.

And, finally:

7.) Giulietta Masina. If you were to show me clips of the extraordinary faces she makes every day, I’d be happy. Maybe this is my most pretentious one, but I don’t care:

See, Giulietta is the kind of woman a FFBR connoisseur could admire. Married to a famous director, she became famous in her own right, despite not being the most glamorous woman in the room. And though her husband was terribly unfaithful (ugh), he was dedicated to her and doted on her. See, world, when you’ve got a woman like that, you better have a “strange” addiction to her.

Il finito.

–The Libra


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