2011 Predictions

2011 is finally here and, after watching Easy A yesterday, I’m well on my way to successfully completing all my resolutions! Hopefully the celebrities are as well. To guide them along, we’ve compiled a list of predictions (aka “things we hope to get to write about”) for 2011.

  • A Kardashian gets pregnant. Likely Khloe, but maybe Kim if the family decides they’ve been out of the news too long. Many Life & Style magazine covers will follow.
  • A Disney star sex tape leaks. Probably Miley. Maybe Demi Lovato.
  • Lady Gaga’s album is good but, like her Alejandro video, stumbles slightly as she trips over her own pretensiousness.
  • Lindsay Lohan either continues on the road to sobriety and orchestrates a major comeback around September, or crashes spectacularly and overdoses around May. Hopefully the former.
  • The Situtation gets a girl pregnant. The girl will definitely be a huge grenade. The baby will be born with a previously-undiscovered STD.
  • Speaking of babies, Jay-Z and Beyonce finally produce the world’s luckiest child.
  • After seeing the success of the NKOTB/BSB tour, NSync reunites for their own tour. The Gemini faints of happiness before buying tickets to every show.
  • The world finally realizes Perez Hilton is a complete waste of human space and does not notice as he and his blog fade to complete irrelevancy. This will also hopefully happen to Chris Brown.
  • 2011 breakups: Katy Perry & Russell Brand, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel (this has probably already happened), Chris Martin & Gwyenth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck, Jessica Simpson & that guy she’s engaged to (but not before she gets pregnant), Fergie & Josh Duhamel. Maybe Kendra & Hank, but hopefully not.
  • Kanye continues to be flawless while making us laugh at his fashion choices.

Good luck!

–The Gemini


About Famous For Bad Reasons

Pop Culture and Feelings, brought to you by two people with too much regard for the former and no regard for the latter.
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3 Responses to 2011 Predictions

  1. cwhedelt says:

    Good predictions. My only hope is that Jay-Z and Beyonce have a female child who will inevitably have a rap battle with Willow Smith. My bet for 2011 is that the Kardashian male child does something off the grid crazy. Somebody is going to get into his ear about how almost all of his sisters are somehow relevant. He’s either going to get someone pregnant or have an affair with a married woman.

    How about Angelina becoming a porn actress? Not a porn star, but a porn actress. Very important distinction there.

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