This Is An Intervention Post

Dear Zac Efron,

I think you know by now that I’m your biggest fan. I actually paid money to see Charlie St. Cloud, and it was only after a month of agonizing internal debate that I let my niece borrow my High School Musical DVDs. I watch Hairspray and/or 17 Again at least once a month. We’ve been on good terms for years.

But this new look has to stop.

This was unsettling. I wasn’t used to seeing you looking less than flawless, but I wasn’t about to kick you out of bed.
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Then I started to get a little worried.
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But THIS is just unacceptable. No. Never. Gross. Run away, before she starts making lists of words that rhyme with Zac.

I know you’re playing a Marine in your next movie. But, if the internets have informed me correctly (and they always do, I’m sure), said movie has wrapped. It’s time to lose 5-7 pounds of muscle, grow your hair out, and stay away from Taylor Swift. Get back with Vanessa, I don’t care.

But call me first.

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I miss you!

The Gemini


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4 Responses to This Is An Intervention Post

  1. ATK says:

    Is that REALLY Zac Efron with Taylor Swift? It looks like a Madame Tussauds’s wax likeness of him. This is a serious question.

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