Interlude: Dreamin’ is Free

The Gemini and I, though miles away from each other, seem to always be watching HGTV at the same time. This– in addition with the upsetting news of the Arizona shooting– has probably contributed to our lack of updates these past few days. There are a lot of things I want to talk about: how my love of Nicole Richie caused me to drop my women’s studies major in college; why I’m some years late in joining the “Sex and the City” bandwagon and am relating to it a little too deeply; and why it’s important to buy an iron if only to iron one’s extensive silk scarf collection.

But instead I’ll just say that watching shows like “For Rent” on HGTV make me want to run away to NYC and have some well-dressed realtor with maybe a bit too much eyeshadow guide me along the city, while a narrator provides a voiceover giving hints on how to remake rooms to suit one’s needs.

The Gemini and I have a tentative plan to one day wend our way to somewhere like New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, no matter how many haters say how expensive it is.

Of course it’s expensive. Life is expensive. Children and dogs and organic food are all expensive. Wasting your life being bored by your surroundings is also expensive, if you calculate how much retail therapy you take part in to wash away the horror of your gray days.

As Blondie says, “Dreamin’, dreamin’ is free.” Debbie Harry would know. She started out small, living where she wanted and pursuing her dream, and now she’s someone I refer to endlessly, as if she were quite possibly a living saint. You know, I think she is.

So, remember, folks: the world is a pretty dark place, which is why you should daydream your way into a reality that better suits you and those around you.

Most Emo Update Ever,
–The Libra


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