The Gemini on the Internet

I’m about to tell you something that you may find shocking from a blog writer. Ready? I might blow your mind. Here goes: I love the Internet.

I know. Crazy, right? But seriously. You can find out anything, about anyone, in approximately 3 seconds. Want to know who that actor in the SVU episode is? Look it up on IMDB. Bored at work and want something mindless to read? Wikipedia Sweet Valley High. Want to know what your third cousin in France did last weekend? Check Facebook.

Ahh, Facebook. The pinnacle of everything that is right and wrong with the Internet. We all complain when they make changes– “OMG, statuses? I don‘t want people knowing what I‘m doing!” “OMG, the newsfeed is so stalkerish!!” “OMG, I hate the new profile!” And by “complain” I mean “update our status to reflect our displeasure.”

As a lover of the Internet and a Facebook user since 2005, it should come as no surprise that I loved The Social Network. Admittedly, I first heard they were making a “Facebook movie” and scoffed. But then the trailer looked decent and the reviews were even better and I found myself in the theater on opening weekend, loving both the movie and Andrew Garfield’s beauty.

The Social Network
is a good movie. The performances, the screenplay, the direction, the “cultural meaning,“ the claims that it’s the “movie of a generation”–they’re all good and the hype is deserving. I am not a movie reviewer so I won’t elaborate too much–but I will say that in addition to all of the above, much of what I loved about TSN was the nostalgia factor. Who doesn’t think slightly wistfully of 2005, when you still had to have a certain .edu address and no high schoolers or parents were there to comment on your as-yet-invented-status? (No offense, Mom–I love your comments!)

That’s always the downside of the Internet. You GChat your friends the Antoine Dodson link and laugh about it. He goes completely viral, you still laugh. He suddenly appears on the iTunes chart and you’re like “whoa, that’s a little much.” Six months later, your grandma emails you this “Hilarious link! Love you Lots!” and you’re just like “ugh.”

Here’s hoping your grandma sends you this link in six months,
The Gemini


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