FFBR’s Confusing Attraction to Bobby Flay

One day The Gemini asked me if being attracted to Bobby Flay was a sign of growing older. This gave me pause, given I thought I was the only one who had found myself recently attracted to Bobby Flay. Keep in mind, two years ago I would have found putting a knife in an electrical outlet about as attractive as stroking Flay’s chiseled jaw.

But then something changed. Not only did I enjoy watching “Throwdown with Bobby Flay,” a show I only barely tolerated, I started watching “Grill It! with Bobby Flay” and “Boy Meets Grill.” Then I’d sit, enthralled, as he battled other Iron Chefs (because, for some reason, he seems to be the most popular– or willing– Iron Chef to compete against), crossing my fingers that he’d lose– but he almost never loses.

Now if you’re patient, you can find out what makes Bobby drool– on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.” If Food Network has figured anything out, it’s that you can put Bobby Flay in anything, and he will perform.

He’s the kind of guy who chuckles, who gives other men high fives, who side-hugs beautiful women who out-do him at pastry making. He teases his wife. He’s good-natured and only seems sore about losing when a pretentious judge on Iron Chef says, “This pig eyeball is a little gelatinous.”

But why do two young women in their mid-20s find him attractive? Keep in mind, we both find Damon from the “Vampire Diaries” to be a model of perfection. Compare:

I sense a bit of a disconnect.

I mean, Christ, now look at the following picture. It looks like he’s posing for a college photo to be featured in the yearbook– voted Slightly Good Looking But Most Likely to Ruthlessly Succeed Because Hello He Has a Restaurant in Vegas and Everyone Goes to Vegas to Have Experiences They Missed Out On in College:

We here at Famous For Bad Reasons think being attracted to Bobby Flay is just a weird side effect of “growing up.” Maybe some really boring evolutionary psychologist will say that The Gemini and I are simply looking for successful men who look like they can lift crates of babies. I don’t personally buy that, but I do have a profound respect for a man who adds honey to everything he cooks.

–The Libra


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5 Responses to FFBR’s Confusing Attraction to Bobby Flay

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  2. RMJ says:

    He looks like a baby himself. Just saying.

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