PSA from the Libra

There is some rumor going around that some sort of equinox shift means you’re not the astrological sign you were born under. For instance, people keep posting articles on my facebook wall trying to tell me I’m a Virgo. Do you think I’m going to sign this post The Virgo? I’m about as likely to do that as I am to teach poetry at a community college: a small chance, if I lose my mind and give up on my dreams.

I’d link to the article, but the last thing I want is to continue spreading this virus. Instead, I’m going to recommend you keep up with’s Susan Miller (astrologer to celebs and the BFFs of celebs) on twitter @Astrologyzone.

To quote: “My friends: You are still the same sign! Do not panic. This concept was developed in 125 AD! Gee!”

A few things to remember:

1.) Part of why astrology works is our cultural adherence to it. Meaning, much of it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Meaning, believing that you are your sign is enough. See also: how to be famous.

2.) The rest of why astrology works is where the planets were positioned when you were born. e.g., if you were me, you’d be a Virgo rising with a moon in Aquarius and a lot of Virgo and Scorpio sneaking around. Like human beings, astrology is more complicated than just one single planet, hanging out, showing its big guns to the tiny people crawling like ants on planet earth.

So, yeah, you’re not your astrological sign– you’re a bunch of competing planets telling you to have a certain kind of ego. You might even be your blood type, as people in Japan believe. Or you might be your Meyers-Briggs type. Once you believe something, though, it just may stick.

3.) The worst thing that happens is you choose to be the sign you want to be. I’ve done this before. For instance, my Venus is in Libra, and I decided that wasn’t going to work recently for pursuing a love interest, so I switched to tactics of an Aries. That didn’t work either, but the POINT IS, you can switch things up. You do have free will. You can abandon what doesn’t suit you, avoid the flaws inherent to your sign, and borrow from other signs (I turn into a Scorpio when I’m mean).

–The Libra [on the cusp of Scorpio, just like Kim Kardashian!]


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5 Responses to PSA from the Libra

  1. Cait says:

    I just enjoy that I TOTALLY read this last week. How does the world keep up with me? 😉

  2. Megan says:

    “(I turn into a Scorpio when I’m mean)”

    I’m ride or die Scorpio. No wobbly axis can change that. Great post, dear Libra.

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