The Gemini’s Semi-Literate Smartphone

One day, the Gemini decided to just say no more to the AT&T and excessive iPhone bills. She abandoned her iPhone for a Droid, and now she sends me text messages that sound like she’s writing them drunk.

She was trying to say that a character was “amazing,” not “sneezing.” In fact, this is the tamest example of how bad these texts are coming off.

For the record, yes, we have been texting back and forth as I watch “The Vampire Diaries” for the first time. (My new obsession with TVD and the spare Snuggie the Gemini sent me may warrant its own entry, but then, I don’t know if I want to confess to sounding like the teenage girl I never was.)

Here at Famous For Bad Reasons we don’t endorse any one product over any other. No one is paying us to say anything about the iPhone versus the Droid. But I will say this: WTF.

Today the Gemini said she was at “ellis Ireland.” For those of you who know enough about the history of immigration in the United States, that little Droid-induced typo made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Poll time!

–The Libra


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5 Responses to The Gemini’s Semi-Literate Smartphone

  1. In my defense, it’s because I use a swype keyboard that apparently does not recognize anything I’m trying to type, ever. And after three attempts, I usually get annoyed and let it say what it wants to say, figuring the other party will get the gist. I’m just trying to make your brain work!

    Also, the Libra should be glad I have not yet pocket-dialed or pocket-emailed her as I am apt to do at least three times a week, normally at the most awkward of times.

    I voted iPhone on this poll.

    –The Gemini

  2. ATK says:

    You have another option….you can speak your text using the pretty cool technology the android phone has. Only, then you get equally confusing translations. For example, I was sending a text the other day that had the word ‘bicentennial’ in it.. and the voice to text function rendered it ‘bastard terminal’. So the Libra should quit complaining…it could be worse!

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