Shut Up: Why the Libra Loves Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie (Virgo) has been, is, and will always be one of my icons. It may be because “The Simple Life” season 1 is still one of my favorite things to watch when I feel like my world has collapsed. Maybe it’s because according to her beauty essentials featured here on, she and I both find Bianca Jagger to be an incredible style icon and have thought so for years.

It may be because of her twitter presence alone:

I like to find really vibrant pop culture female figures and cling to them, no matter their personal ideology or if they’d even approve of this blog post. Nicole is one of them. She’s the kind of person who lights up a room with caustic wit. I don’t know if “caustic wit” is supposed to light up a room with anything but fire and kerosene, but it’s all some of us have in this world.

Here’s to you, Nicole. May you keep telling your friends to shut up; may you keep wearing amazingly complex and super-textured outfits; may you keep me entertained until the day I never die.

Shut Up,
The Libra


About Famous For Bad Reasons

Pop Culture and Feelings, brought to you by two people with too much regard for the former and no regard for the latter.
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One Response to Shut Up: Why the Libra Loves Nicole Richie

  1. CaitRizz says:

    Dude I love Nicole Ritchie. If ever there was an example of a woman who fell into the adolescent abyss and then rose to a proper adulthood it’s her. You just want to be friends with her.

    Plus, she was a fantastic actor guest star on Chuck, and I was a little proud of her.

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