Man Repelling: the Libra Draws Inspiration from Rachel Roy

As someone who takes a keen interest in fashion, as well as politics and progressive social movements, I find that I have a hell of a time explaining to people how I can be well-dressed and not shallow or petty. This problem is further compounded by the fact that I’m even trying to address this on the blog I share with The Gemini, both of us notorious in college for being “petty” and “catty” gossips.

I have made a partial list of designers I feel like I can talk about without people hating me, and Rachel Roy is one of them. Not only is she totally pretty and sassy and hip and spiritually progressive, she actually seems to care about the world we live in. When Pakistan was severely flooded last July, she made this tote to raise funds for children afflicted by the flooding:

Recently, she teamed up with the The Man Repeller to make these ads in preparation for Valentine’s Day. The idea is this: women should be dressing for themselves, not for men (and, I’d like to add, not to be competitive with other women). Unfortunately, this is an ideal that may be hard to live up to, given we live in a world that assumes we’re dressing up for the sole purpose of making friends of men and enemies of women.

But the Man Repeller ads are awesome! That’s just it! They’re awesome because to quote the third video in the series: “Nothing says Valentine’s Day like socks and sandals, a dress as a jacket, and a dead bird on your finger.”

As someone who, if you can imagine, loathes Valentine’s Day, I find hope in Rachel Roy. I’ll don my “Kindness is always fashionable” tote, over layers of black upon black upon black. I’ll wear what I want. I’ll repel you terrible men! (I probably do, already. That’s how “petty,” smart girls roll.)

–The Libra


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2 Responses to Man Repelling: the Libra Draws Inspiration from Rachel Roy

  1. I tried to get Rachel Roy to come speak at Hollins when I was GSB. Everyone hated this idea. Obviously, they were mislead.

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