The Gemini on Glee

There’s a small show out there that you may have heard of:


Glee is basically the definition of a “love it or hate it” show. It has its obsessed fans, and it has its detractors who rail against the lack of seemingly important things like “plot” and “continuity.” I count myself as one of its few sane fans. Is it the best show on TV? No (that would be The Vampire Diaries, OBVIOUSLY*), but I know that to enjoy Glee, I need to take it for what it is: a fun show that makes me laugh, covers songs I usually like, and is best enjoyed with a bottle of wine (note: the last part is crucial to the show’s enjoyment).

Music snobs tend to have a huge problem with Glee, usually stemming from something like “Omg how DARE they cover [artist]!!!!” This was most recently seen when Glee released its Thriller/Heads Will Roll mashup:

My hatred of music snobs is well documented. So obviously my first thought upon hearing this was “I can’t wait to run to this.” Look: I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and and I love Heads Will Roll. But, somehow, I wasn’t gravely offended by Glee’s decision to cover it. I’m not saying that Glee doesn’t sometimes veer into KidzBop territory. But to hate on the show for the songs it covers is ridiculous. Newsflash: they only cover songs when they get clearance to do so (see: the recent Kings of Leon/Ryan Murphy “feud” that was so ridiculous I refuse to even link to it due to secondhand embarrassment on both sides). You may love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Queen/the Beatles/Journey/Rocky Horror/Gaga/etc and be offended on their behalf, but just know: the artists don’t feel the same way.

If you want serious, thought-provoking TV, wait for Mad Men to come back on the air.** In the mean time, calm down, take a sip of the wine this show was meant to be enjoyed with, and sing along. It’s amazing how much Glee will make you smile when you follow this simple approach.

–The Gemini

*LOL JK, it’s definitely Friday Night Lights.
**I only said Mad Men because people seem to think of it as the Gold Standard of Good TV. One day I will write a blog about how I can’t stand Mad Men.


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5 Responses to The Gemini on Glee

  1. RMJ says:

    OH MY GOD, thank you for telling me about the KOL/RM thing. HILARIOUS PRICKERY on all parts.

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  3. Erin Young says:

    I wish you would write that blog about not being able to stand MAD MEN this week.

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