The Libra Was Right About Diamond Doves


Back in December I mentioned the band Diamond Doves in this post. At the time they were playing shows in the Northeast and recording songs, which can be listened to at their Myspace (the only thing Myspace is still good for).

I just wanted to let you guys know.

They’re about to tour with the Felice Brothers, making their way down South.

I suggest you check them out. Mostly so that I can be right when I said they’re going to be big.

On that note, lately the Gemini and I have noticed that every time we come up with an idea– whether it’s fashion, music, or ideas for blogs– people with more power and money beat us to the punch. If the only thing I can afford to be is ten steps ahead of you, the average viewer, on bearded bands, allow me this. Listen to me when I make a recommendation.

Seriously, pay attention to us. We’re practically psychic.

–The Libra


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