The Libra Finds Fashion Comfort at the Threat of Apocalypse

I woke up from a semi-apocalyptic dream, in which I went from shopping at a boutique to finding myself watching planes crash into water, with the water rising up, destroying everything. Awesome way to start a Tuesday, which are the Mondays of the rest of the week!

At any rate, I woke up with two things stuck in my mind: 1.) I should have bought the dream-Altuzzara tunic on sale in my dream-head for dream-50 dollars and 2.) if it’s the end of the world, I’m not wearing pants anymore.

Or rather, as a proponent of treating fashion as wearable art, I think one should wear whatever one wants.

Right now it’s Fashion Week in NYC (for the fall, not spring), and I can’t think of a better time right now to start planning one’s spring wardrobe, as the snow melts and the sun makes you shed that terrible winter coat. If you’ve picked up a magazine, you know it’s the ’70s (still), bright candy colors, and ultra-sexy-baggy looks. A lot of it, as usual, is weird, and a lot of it, as usual, is chic and well-proportioned. Of course, it’s expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. After all, the boutique in my dream was half-boutique and half-consignment shop. I spend much of my time in consignment shops, trying on BCBG dresses and tying Vera scarves in my hair.

But here’s what I think– let’s decorate ourselves as though the world were ending. What would you do?  Would you dress “weird”? Or maybe you’d just– dress to impress, for the first time in your life?

Would you don your Schiaparelli turban you bought a year ago before turbans started taking off? And pose wearing all your jewelry so you look like a magnificent fortune teller? (Obviously, I did both of these things.)

Would you mix prints in the style of Mondo Guerra? Would you wear your mod-patterned tights with cowboy boots? (Again, I’m not saying it was successful, but I did it.)

Would you go to the local vintage store and buy those hideous overalls you’ve been coveting? Would you tell people your inspiration has been, and always will be, Huck Finn? Would you chew on a toothpick all day and spit, unlady-like, onto the curb in front of an ex-lover?

God, I hope so.

Here are some of my favorite style icons & images to get you rolling into the spring and/or apocalypse.

Young Diane von Furstenberg

The Schiaparelli shoe hat

The Man Repeller’s amazing leopard nails (and anything she does, actually)

Stephen Sprouse, as worn by Debbie Harry and Karen Bjornson in the late 70s

Bikini Kill, early 90s

And, finally, Nancy Cunard, as photographed by Man Ray in 1926

I hope all of this is cohesive enough to help you get dressed, or undressed, in the morning.

The Libra


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