The Gemini on Badly Becoming Famous For Bad Reasons

Every reality TV show has a villain.

There are those you love to hate.

Those you hate because of their general delusion and creepiness.

And those you hate because they genuinely seem to be a truly awful person in every way imaginable.

I’ve spoken about my love of Jersey Shore but general dislike of Ron and Sam before. They are, without question, the worst part of an otherwise flawless show. I’ll admit, I used to be on Team Ronnie. Sam’s hatred of Jenni & Snooks for the well-intentioned but poorly-executed note, constant declarations of “I’m done” only to run right back to Ronnie, and her tendency to do nothing but sit in bed petting her hair was too much to handle.

No more. I am here to officially declare Ronnie as The Worst Person On Television and officially request that he go the way of Angelina after this season. I won’t get into too much analysis over Sam & Ron’s clearly abusive relationship because we don’t, after all, know what happens when the cameras are off. I think we can make an educated guess, and this was one of the more disturbing things I’ve read all year, but I’ll leave that to others.

We clearly advocate becoming Famous For Bad Reasons, but there are good and bad ways to go about this. Allow me to demonstrate.

-Sex tape
-Cheesy staged paparazzi photos
-Jail for minor offenses, followed by a tell-all interview
-Stuffing $100 bills into the mouths of waiters
-Demanding your 1-year-old baby be paid $10,000 per episode

-Cheat on your girlfriend and claim you’re a good person because you had the decency to do it behind her back
-Push your girlfriend after she came to your defense in a separate fight
-Attempt to turn over your girlfriend’s bed, with the girlfriend still on it, after destroying all her belongings
-Yell “this is between me and my girlfriend” at all your roommates who try to help, even though the fact that you’re an emotionally abusive dick with obvious alcohol, cocaine & steroid problems clearly impacts them all
-Publicly declare “I’m not against domestic violence”

Any questions?
–The Gemini


About Famous For Bad Reasons

Pop Culture and Feelings, brought to you by two people with too much regard for the former and no regard for the latter.
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