How to Use Kanye West Lyrics in Your Daily Activism

The world, as usual, is a mess. I don’t need to tell you that there’s a reason FFBR would rather watch endless episodes of “Friday Night Lights” rather than turn on the news, especially given how major cable news networks are founded on principles of EPIC FAIL.

Anyway, an issue dear to my feeble black heart is the organized protest occurring in Madison, Wisconsin right now. For those of you not in the know, Governor Scott Walker is an epic douchebag who, with his teabaggers in mind, inflated the “crisis” level of Wisconsin’s budget in order to impose cuts that would affect most unions’ right to collectively bargain.


That’s some mighty fucked up shit.

Do you know what happens if you strip away the rights of a union? You disempower the people, and the people don’t take it just sitting down.

I’m not here to educate you on the history of unions. If you didn’t get your proper education, it’s time for you to employ wikipedia. But what I really want to talk about is how to effectively use Kanye lyrics to fight the system.

My friend Emily, one of my grad student friends at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, sent me this picture her friend Leigh Elion made for today’s protest, quoting Yeezy’s “Power”:

You know how sometimes you just want to blast an angry song at someone you hate? Instead, maybe you quote the song on Facebook and hope that one person who stole your man/broke your heart/stole your shoes/stole all your friends/stole your land/stole the title of “President” for eight years– maybe then they’ll get the message?

No, friends. Put it on a sign and take it the marbled steps of a government. Then, record it and upload it to youtube, Bieber style.

For more information on what’s going on in Wisconsin, I recommend learning how to Google, learning how to be a critical thinker, and also checking out the Daily Kos for more updates on the situation. And if you’ve got the money to spend, protesters are hungry. You can order food from out of state to send to the Capitol. These people are putting their jobs on the line, all because they actually believe in the power of dissent. And that’s awesome.

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