How to Be More Important than James Franco

One day my friend Sisyphus informed me that James Franco was getting a PhD in English lit, just like she was!

“This is just great,” she said. “The economy’s bad enough, and the job market for humanities is abysmal. Now I have to compete with James Franco?”

I’ve also noticed other friends posting on Facebook and Twitter more information about James Franco, about how his multiple degrees make them feel utterly inadequate. He’s like an internet meme that induces self-deprecating comments from 20-somethings in grad and professional school. And apparently from NY Mag, too:

Here’s my advice to all of you: get over it. If James Franco insists on being both an actor and a grad student, he’s covering the douchiest territories available. He might as well start a band and grow a beard. (Zing!) And then buy a village in France, to boot.

If you are as awesome as James Franco– and quite possibly more so– own it. Stop waiting for the world to recognize it. Walk into a room. Be more important than the most important person in the room. People will notice.

This is the simple formula for being a muse to a designer, like with Yves Saint Laurent and Betty Catroux featured below:

Or being a Warhol Superstar like Candy Darling, as photographed by Gerard Malanga in 1971:

Or being Jackie O:

Or Jacques de Bascher, long-time friend/whatever of Karl Lagerfeld, as drawn by David Hockney:

But the point is this: if you own the room, you are more important than even the famous person standing next to you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch Material Girls on MTV as I sip my coffee and wait for this virus to fade so I can go out into the world and steal the spotlight form James Franco.

That’s Famous For Bad Reasons.
–The Libra


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One Response to How to Be More Important than James Franco

  1. I’m also doing a great job at being more adorable than Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And I’m off to watch Marsha Mason in “The Goodbye Girl” for more protips.

    Not like I need protips. I’m the best. I’m like a fucking Easter Peep.

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