The Gemini on Nostalgia via Netflix

In an effort to save money, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Netflix recently. As mentioned before, the Libra and I often have the “should we cancel cable?” debate, and I always say I could survive on instant Netflix alone. Of course, I soon come to my senses and remember that Netflix doesn’t give me House Hunters or Steven Tyler on American Idol so that idea is quickly scrapped. But in addition to past seasons of current shows (such as Friday Night Lights, which I once again order all readers to watch immediately) instant Netflix does give me a lot of random shows and movies that I love re-watching when I‘m in need of some immediate TV/movie nostalgia. My favorites are below.

Fraggle Rock (Seasons 1-5)
I didn’t watch a lot of TV as a child (I think I more than make up for that now), but I adored Fraggle Rock, especially Red and Sprocket the dog. I occasionally make my niece watch these with me, under the guise of entertaining her but really so I’m not watching a show made for 5-year-olds by myself.

Free Willy
If you don’t cry when Willy jumps over the wall at the end, we cannot be friends. Sorry. I am blasting Will You Be There as I type this.

Laguna Beach (Season 1. They need to get season 2 ASAP.)
I’m fairly ambivalent to The Hills, but I loved (and still do love) the first two seasons of Laguna Beach. I have no idea why I found it so compelling, but I still can’t watch the graduation episodes without tearing up (has it become obvious that the majority of my tears are saved for movie & TV-related events?). I also think it’s sweet how LC & Lo are still best friends all these years later. Oh, Ste-PHEN, we’ll never be dunzo.

Now & Then
Whenever my parents took me to the video store as a child, I had the annoying habit of always picking out the same movies: Heavyweights and Now & Then. Despite seeing it a million times, Now & Then remains my favorite movie from childhood. I love everything about it, from the soundtrack to Devon Sawa before he was a wife beater to classic lines such as “Have you ever been French kissed?” “Are you kidding, I don’t want to get pregnant!” You would think that after all this time I would be able to hold back the tears when Crazy Pete, after saving Teeny from drowning, asks “Why are you afraid of me?” but nope. While watching it last night I may have e-mailed the Libra to inform her that I ugly cried so hard that it caused physical pain and could we look in to starting a FFBR union so we could claim workers’ comp for such “injuries.” Anyway, if you are a female who grew up in the 90s but hasn’t seen this, please watch it right now so I can stop judging you.

Here’s hoping they finally add Boy Meets World next,
The Gemini


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2 Responses to The Gemini on Nostalgia via Netflix

  1. Bower Power says:

    I think we’re friends because we love the same 90s pop and same childhood movies. I once got so distracted while talking about Heavyweights that I missed my exit not once but twice. Classic.

    & the scene where Crazy Pete saves Teena? I also ugly cry every single time.

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