The Best and Worst Things the Gemini Saw on TV This Week

Let’s just dive right in, so to speak.

I have a love/hate relationship with Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. Guy Fieri is disgusting, as is most of the food they show, but whenever it’s on my remote somehow gravitates towards the Food Network and stays there for hours. On one episode this week they showed a truly artery-clogging burger (for starters, the “buns” were grilled cheese sandwiches) that was at least 8 inches tall. Since this is fairly typical for DDD, I wasn’t too fazed. That is, until Guy unhinged his jaw like a snake, chomped away, and emerged covered in jalepeno relish.

I gasped in horror, then immediately e-mailed the Libra to say I was done with DDD for the week.

Not even an hour later, I decided to cleanse my palate with the episodes of Kourtney and Kim Take New York that had been lingering on my DVR. At first it was all well and good, just time innocently spent watching Kourtney and Scott debate having sex in public gyms. Then Kris started doing keg stands and this vile creature appeared.


But there was hope! Over on American Idol, a sassy gay man who seems to be everything Perez is not (ie., nice, humble, a decent human being) appeared, bringing his best “girl, please” face.

I know, Jacob. I KNOW. I can’t believe they let that growling mess [Haley] in over Kendra or Lauren Turner. Speaking of American Idol, there was also this.

Flawless. His hair is everything I want in life.

But, obviously, the best thing I saw on TV this week was Charlie Sheen and his Adonis DNA all over every network. There was also a brief mention of Paula Deen riding things at a food festival and because it is now 2011 and we have the Internet, this THANKFULLY EXISTS:

All in all, I’d say it was a real WINNING week.

Buh bye,
The Gemini


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