The Libra on Health, Beauty, and Fat-Bottomed Girls

The Gemini and I have a lot of friends who are trying to lose weight right now. Whether they’re blogging about it, carefully tracking their food with Weight Watchers, or just hiding how little they eat in a given day, we know weight maintenance is on their minds. This is unsurprising. After all, don’t we live in a society where Kim Kardashian claims to pose for Playboy in a sweet but misguided attempt to prove to women that your butt can be big, naked, and profitable? (ILU, BABY GIRL!)

Now, currently, there’s a trend in the internet to advocate against fat-phobia by having fat-positive blogs and fat-positive fashion websites. As someone who used to be really overweight, especially in my teens and college years, you’d think I’d be on board with this. But I’m just not.

We live in a society where food is improperly handled, where agribusiness runs rampant, where (evil) corporations like Monsanto sneak in genetically modified organisms into our every bite (even striking a deal with Whole Foods), and where being able to buy healthy food is a symbol for the most part of being able to afford to. We lead sedentary lifestyles, in 9-5 jobs, which are often car-dependent unless we live in urban areas with proper public transportation and safe places to walk.

Yes, it’s awful the pressures women have on them to be perfect and small.

And no, blogging that you’re okay with how fat you are isn’t going to reverse the systems that created this. It may create a sense of solidarity for women (and men) who’ve been alienated by beauty myths, but it won’t create a necessary paradigm shift. How does saying “look how attractive I can be” prove anything other than women should be valued by how well they dress and how attractive they are?

The Libra’s Advice to you:

1.) Dress beautifully, no matter what size you are.

2.) Walk everywhere that you possibly can.

3.) Take public transportation (walking those two blocks to the metro adds up).

4.) Do what Michael Pollan says: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

5.) Never forget there’s better things than public acceptance of how you look, like public acceptance of who you are. (I’d rather the world start accepting women can be strong, smart and loud than that they can be pretty and fat.)

6.) Never lose sight of problems that are more extensive than your own personal weight loss goals; remember, this isn’t about you. This is about our culture.

7.) If you can, spend the extra money on healthy foods, local and organic. Hint: you might be able to afford it if you budget and prioritize.

And now! Some beautiful women of all sizes:

Pat Ast, the original “fatshionista” in Halston:

Margaret Cho:

Audrey Hepburn, in Sabrina:

Tall and athletic Adrianne Palicki:

Corin Tucker, one of my favorite musicians:

Nigella Lawson, chef and saucy Brit:

And one of my all time favorites, at any age, Anjelica Huston:

May 2011 bring you health and beauty,
The Libra


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8 Responses to The Libra on Health, Beauty, and Fat-Bottomed Girls

  1. Erin Young says:

    I agree! Here here!

  2. Christine says:

    So, I totally get that this is FFBR and not Deeply Problematic, but I still don’t quite get this post I guess? Mainly re: the criticism of fat acceptance. There are probably a bunch of fat fashion blogs that I’m not reading that might be the basis for all this, and this is not my area to begin with, but the fat acceptance blogs I’ve encountered (Shapely Prose being one that comes to mind) seem incredibly aware of the societal issues involved, and aware of what needs to be done/talked about to actually change paradigms. It’s cool if it’s still not your cup of tea. I’m just sayin’, fat acceptance isn’t all monolithic like that.

    Alright, now that that’s out of the way: Corin Tucker asdkjsad;kskd [swoon]

    • I was simply noting a trend, due to something I’ve discussed with multiple people and have witnessed– I don’t feel my comments were intended to be monolithic, mostly because I was focusing on certain modes of blogging, not all areas of fat acceptance.
      Your points are duly noted though.

      And yes, Corin Tucker is beautiful, now and forever!

      –The Libra

  3. Sarah says:

    I believe the people who eat at these fast food chains to “save a couple dollars” deserve to be stampeded, but I guess I can have comfort in the fact that they came into this world fat and bald, and will leave this world fat, bald, and with heart failure. Truthfully, I don’t think it matters how “big” anyone is, so long as they have respect for the food they eat. Be familiar with its origin and what effect it will have on your body, be it good or bad, and consume accordingly. Especially if there are children involved! Thanks for the heads up about Monsanto sneaking into my local health food store. And sorry for my little tangent; this topic is seriously frustrating to me! Btw, I really dig your blog, Libra 🙂

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