The Libra on Wonder Woman’s Couture

I just read an all-too-serious debate about the new “Wonder Woman” series starring my personal favorite Adrianne Palicki. The topic at hand was whether or not the costume was appropriate or too silly and shiny.

From the aforementioned blog:

First of all, I’m not even going to go into detail about how ridiculous most superhero costumes are. Superman looks like he’s ready for figure skating; Batman looks like he just stumbled out of an industrial concert where he made out with two goth chicks at the same time; the Hulk’s body is his own disgusting costume; the Iron Man looks like an advertisement for nuclear meltdowns. The odds are, everything Wonder Woman does is going to be extra-scrutinized, possibly due to the legacy Lynda Carter left behind, probably due to sexism, or all of this could be due to the fact that Charlie Sheen is no longer deflecting enough attention away from domestic and international affairs. Bring in the props, y’all; we’ve gone to war!

At any rate, this is my theory: the shinier the better. The more ridiculous the better. Need I remind you of the awesomeness of glam rock?

Women spent all of the ’80s wearing shoulder pads, trying to fit into the corporate world, trying to break the glass ceiling. Don’t you dare try to put a fitted blazer on Wonder Woman and call it progress.

People who want their superheroines to dress down are also the same people who probably invented business casual and eliminated jeans from the workplace. You guys suck.

–The Libra


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4 Responses to The Libra on Wonder Woman’s Couture

  1. RMJ says:

    Love the tights, love the bustier, love the shiny. I think it’s great.

  2. Brdgt says:

    I just realized my Halloween costume was missing the lasso…

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