Everybody Lies– Except for FFBR

For years my favorite show was “House” where I’d sit, enraptured, usually with a BFF at my side, muttering how poignant and spot-on House was.

“Oh my god,” I’d say, “it’s so true. Everybody lies.”

People who love House sometimes try to take on the identity of our favorite curmudgeon. A favorite professor– we’ll call him RHWD– liked to saunter about pretending to be House, despite the fact that his heart was pure gold. A BFF and I in college would make claims that I was House, and she was Wilson. We walked the walk, especially when I sprained my ankle. We talked the talk, especially when I was mean to people. And selfish. And cruel.

But lately, I don’t know why, I don’t relate to House anymore. Maybe I just couldn’t deal with Cuddy and House going at it. Maybe my heart is an empty shell. Who knows!

I think it’s because so many people I know keep lying!

In college, the Gemini and I were notorious for gossiping. Part of it was the group of girls we ran with– we were always in the thick of things, when it came to general campus knowledge. We were part of teams than hung up banners to shame people, that broke confidentiality codes in various systems that we found oppressive, and who always had accurate information about someone’s Valtrex prescription. We were like a tame girl gang, like in Foxfire (awesomely bad movie recommendation):

It’s like our favorite “Glee” character Santana says:

“I just try to be really, really honest with people when I think that they suck, you know?”

The moral of this story is that if you’re lying about something really important, you can hide behind “everybody lies,” but don’t get pissy when other people choose not to lie. Also: if you’re going to lie, just get better at it.

Let Kim Kardashian, notorious teller of “white lies,” be a cautionary tale:

The Libra


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