FFBR Style Icon: Tabatha Coffey

I can’t just have a style icon without that woman (or man) having the personality to match. It’s actually harder than you can imagine to admire someone’s style and personality at the same time. For instance, I find Victoria Beckham to be impeccably dressed, but I don’t find her a compelling individual (which isn’t bad, given my interests)– for my tastes, at least. Therefore, I don’t steal style ideas from her.

Tabatha Coffey, however, inspired me to dress nearly in all black all winter.

As is probably apparent, the Gemini and I are fond of characters, real or imagined, who tell it like it is. On Bravo’s “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover” we have the old Gordon Ramsay formula: a tough person with a non-American accent comes into an establishment, berates the employer and employees for their many failures, and renovates the establishment. This is a pretty popular formula with Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares,” Robert Irvine’s nearly identical “Restaurant Impossible, and of course Tabatha’s show.

And it works. These celebrities actually help prevent foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, destitution, food poisoning, bad haircuts, etc. We are exposed to the various stubborn workers of the world who would rather see things fall apart than make professional and proactive changes. I’m enthralled by these shows. I get to yell at the television things like, “What do you mean you’re too good to clean the floor? Your hair is AWFUL.”

Now, back to the point. I don’t necessarily believe that wearing all black makes one look badass and intimidating. After all, black is always chic, slimming, and often affordable. Still, Tabatha inspired me to wear black throughout the winter, which made winter bearable. I felt like I could just walk the streets of the College Town in an empowered way. Sometimes I just think of, “What would Tabatha do?” A woman who calls a spade a spade and looks good doing it– that’s FFBR standard.

–The Libra


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