Thank God for Lykke Li!

So, the Gemini is on vacation right now, which is why I’ve taken the reigns with updating this week– which she didn’t do while I was in Chicago because she has a real life where people expect her to be places on time, whereas grad school is often more lenient with the boundaries of time. She will learn this when she goes to grad school in the fall. Role reversal!

But I just wanted to tell you, readers, that I bought tickets for Lykke Li at Central Park Summerstage for August 1st.

This means two things:

1.) Out of nowhere I’ve fallen in love with Lykke Li, which I wasn’t sure would happen. As in, I made the decision to actually buy her album this morning, and mid-way through the album I headed to my arch-nemesis, Ticketmaster (seriously? We’ll talk about this later).

2.) I will obviously be living in NYC by August. I will probably get out of whatever work I’m doing early and head over to Central Park. I will hang around outside (rain or shine). All my proceeds will benefit the Free Summerstage concerts. I will listen to Lykke Li serenade me about unrequited love. I will have flashbacks to last night when I was watching reruns of “Sex and the City,” crying softly as Carrie threw hamburgers at Mr. Big.

I like this video because it’s so dramatic and Swedish and the guy isn’t too attractive which makes sense because in our culture even awkwardly attractive guys get pretty girls because girls hate themselves! Apparently! Or whatever (I’m being facetious, don’t hate). And I like this video because a man cries. Men crying? I dream of seeing this.

Thank God for Lykke Li. Finally, indie kids can enjoy pop songs without feeling regret, and I have a concert to go to in order to celebrate my arrival in my favorite city.

–The Libra


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