FFBR Presents: Most Under-Valued Movies of All Time

In a fit of boredom yesterday, I compiled a list of the most undervalued movies. I asked fans of FFBR, contemporaries, and anyone who would listen. I was surprised by many of your responses, but it gave me much food for thought. When I asked the Gemini her opinion, she offered Ratatouille and Sex and the City 2.

“What I like best about Ratatouille,” she said, “was the intensity of the rats. As you know, I love any rodents. I think they represent elements of the failure of the American Dream and certain institutionalized forms of oppression and patriarchy.”

And Sex and the City 2! I couldn’t shut her up. “You’ve got to watch it, Libra,” she said. “If you liked The Room, you’ll love this.”

Of the list, of course, one of my favorite movies is Hard Four, produced by a relative of mine.

This trailer doesn’t make sense? That’s the beauty of this avant garde film. You have to be stoned, drunk, both, or lobotomized to enjoy it! Personally, before watching this film, I like to go on a spirit quest. I take certain hallucinogens, walk into a desert, and see visions of unforetold beauty. In that state, I pull out my portable DVD player (a must for any spirit quest) and begin to watch. God speaks directly to me then, in the chirping of birds, in the moonlight, and whispers of the wind. This movie makes or breaks a heart.

Now, without further ado, a list compiled by our readers and friends:

Black Snake Moan
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
The Gospel According to St. Matthew
Hard Four
How Do You Know?
I Know Who Killed Me
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Johnny Mnemonic
The Last Airbender.
Lost and Delirious
Rachel Getting Married
The Room
Sex and the City 2
Sweet November
The Village

Happy watching,
The Libra


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