A Very Gemini Vacation

As the Libra noted, I was on vacation last week, visiting the bustling metropolises of Tallahassee, FL and Arnoldsville, GA. As there’s not a ton to do in these places, I spent most of my time playing dice games with my grandmother, making fun of my uncle’s fondness for Two and a Half Men, and explaining to the Libra why Ratatouille is the only movie that has ever inspired me to leave the theater before the end.*

I also spent a lot of time with my niece who, I’m proud to say, has embraced her role as FFBR mascot wholeheartedly.

As I’ve mentioned, one of her favorite things to do is watch YouTube videos of trashy pop stars. “Did you know I have this song in my car?” she’ll ask as she watches Ke$ha shoot Dawson Leary with lasers. “No, someone else sings this, his name is Finn,” she’ll insist if I show her Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are (she’s apparently become a big fan of Glee since I last saw her).

Her favorite pop star is, without a doubt, Katy Perry (who replaced Lady Gaga after the video for Born This Way was deemed “too scary”). She could listen to Firework all day (then again, who couldn’t?), to the point where the Glee version came on my iPod at some point and she was upset that “Katy’s voice is different.”

It is a constant source of entertainment for me to hear her walking around singing “Rah rah ooh la la” or, after a night of watching Dancing with the Stars insist on giving publicity to disgusting people, tell my mother “Did you know there is a man named Chris Brown and he is yucky?” After my move to NYC (where she lives) this summer, I plan to impart such wisdom to her on a weekly basis. So if you happen to see a small child wandering the streets of Brooklyn singing Katy Perry, please stop and shake her hand. She’ll probably be famous one day.

–The Gemini

*This is not to say I did not enjoy these activities!


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5 Responses to A Very Gemini Vacation

  1. austine says:

    OMG, i left the theater during Ratatouille, too! i found it to be rather creepy.

  2. ATK says:

    I have to admit it is puzzling to me that you can’t stay in the theater during an animated show featuring cute rats, but can watch whole seasons of Jersey Shore!

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