Matthew Kenney: The Libra’s Raw Crush

I always tend to have a crush on chefs. It started with Tyler Florence when I was 19 and has shifted every year from one chef to another. I’ve even had crushes on non-famous chefs I’ve run into, over the years. There’s something really attractive about someone making food. Mostly, not having to make it myself.

After a brief crush on Michael Symon, which embarrassed the Gemini and confused me, I stumbled upon another chef, Matthew Kenney. Kenney is known for the cookbooks he writes with raw and vegan recipes, as well as his general healthy lifestyle. Like, he’s that guy– the kind of guy who eats more barley, flax seed, and protein than you, without even breaking down and buying anything from the store.

These men are basically the equivalent of plants. They feed themselves and are kind of asexual. At least, that’s what they say when they won’t go out with you! (But the odds are, they have, like, groupies?)

Anyway, I read his twitter just to find out he’s, like, jogging or biking or doing yoga or eating something so healthy. And I daydream about running into him, as I hold an organic in-season fruit (that’s also local) and saying, “Chef Kenney? I’m a huge fan.”

And he’d sign my Entertaining in the Raw cookbook, and I’d say, “I got a food dehydrator because of you.” Then we’d go dehydrate coconut meat together to make little planks of food to dip into shredded vegetables. And oh my GOD!

If you don’t know about my eating habits, know that I have spent too much money at an amazing restaurant in Northampton, MA (Karma) where I gorge myself on raw or vegan food, wondering how any of this is possible. Chef Kenney makes it seem time intensive, but with the proper tools (mixers, food dehydrators), anyone can be an elegant raw chef.

As I prepare to move to Brooklyn this summer, when things are ripe and ready for the picking, I can’t help but daydream about food. Loving food in the summer is loving life in the summer.

I’ll leave you with a fabulous quote by this awesome dude:

Whether it is film, sculpture, architecture, or music, I believe that the path to the highest level of this cuisine is through its relationship to art; and for that reason, much of my food is influenced by it. The best dishes have come from this concept–the inspiration may be the Rolling Stones, Salvador Dali, or The Wizard of Oz. The importance of a connection to deeper meaning is paramount.

Dreamy. Delicious. Sweet. Raw.
–The Libra


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