The Gemini’s Near-Death Experience, Kind Of

FFBR’s affection for the Vampire Diaries is well-documented. The plot moves forward every week, Damon twitches his eyebrows, and its female lead is not a pathetic excuse for a “heroine” who lays catatonic in a forest for three days after her boyfriend breaks up with her. What’s not to love?

One of my favorite additions to TVD (and all my favorite TV shows) is the recaps over at Entertainment Weekly. Mandi Bierly does a great job of going over everything I may have missed while pouring myself a glass of wine or laughing at a probably-inappropriate moment. I normally read these recaps as soon as I get to work on Friday mornings, because I am in constant competition for Employee of the Month, but today I decided to be different. When I found myself ready to leave for work at 8:45 (instead of my usual 9:15), I decided to do the right thing and read today’s recap instead of showing up early to work. I didn’t want to spend 30 extra minutes in my office! Like I said, employee of the month.

As it turns out, this was the right choice. Instead of being at the metro when there was a shooting (AT 9:00. WTF DC, I CAN’T WAIT TO LEAVE YOU) this morning, I was safe in my bed reading about Damon’s latest shirtless adventures. I like to think of this as a life-saving decision. So thanks, TVD and Mandi. I owe you one.

This overdramatic entry was inspired by Isobel’s overdramatic spontaneous combustion,

–The Gemini


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