Why FFBR Can’t Deal with Will Schuester

Now that I’m a total “Glee” fanatic, the Gemini and I have frequent exchanges about the show, as I try to catch up, even resorting to Hulu Plus (free one week trial!) to watch as many missed episodes of season 2 as possible. Historically, the Gemini and I have always been compatible friends when it comes to hating on certain people. In this case, the person is question is fictional and an utter douchebag: Will Schuester.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why does hatred of Will Schuester warrant FFBR’s attention?” Because in a show that’s brimming with archetypes and stereotypes, Will Schuester stands alone as the Douchey Nice Guy.

Look at him. How could he be a bad guy? He wears vests, well-tailored pants, and carries a brown paper bag lunch. He cries when he gets overwhelmed by Journey on the radio, just like you do. His Achilles’ heel is, like, love.

But let’s face it. The way he treated Emma Pillsbury is just deplorable. You don’t tell a woman to see a therapist for her OCD and then make out with other women behind her back, as you wait for her to be ready to have the sex with you. That’s just rude. You don’t drag a woman (who dresses uber cute, btw) down into your divorcey, I’m-30-something-and-sad crisis, and expect her to wait around for you.

When Emma stood up to Will and called him a slut over and over, I cheered. And I cheered some more. How many times have you wanted to do that, in a world where men get to call women sluts? How many times have you wanted to go over to some dude and call him a hypocrite and a slut? The last time I can remember seeing something like that, I was reading The Bell Jar, and Esther Greenwood called her ex-beau a slutty hypocrite (or something like that), and then she tried to kill herself. (See also: Sylvia Plath).

The Douchey Nice Guy is just pretending to want to settle down and be happy with a lady or another man, but deep down, he wants to make out with everyone and dress like Kevin Federline.

Don’t believe me? Watch the outfits Will puts together whenever he tries to rap or dance with his students like in the Britney episode.

Mostly, there is so much wrong with the martyred whining of Will Schuester. He is like that person you know who seems to be completely unaware that actions have consequences. But he, like all Douchey Nice Guys, is over-praised for the good work he does (helping a rag-tag team of kids sing!), and his glaring douchiness is erased. Fab. Great. I wish it worked the same for women.

–The Libra


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5 Responses to Why FFBR Can’t Deal with Will Schuester

  1. Casey says:

    oh em gee. Schuester is totally K-Fed. How did I never see that before? Mostly I hate how he uses the kids to work out his own issues – any reasonable school would have fired him about a season and a half ago. Not that anything about Glee is reasonable. Okay, leaving before I write an entire diatribe in your comments…

    • Agreed. I didn’t even go into that territory, as I didn’t want to write a diatribe of my own, but I agree 100 percent. I loved when he was talking about his divorce, and Santana called him creepy.

      –The Libra

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  3. Samantha says:

    OH MY GOD I HATE HIM. He gets his manties in a twist because Rachel’s got a crush on him and then he does stuff like taking her hand, putting his hand on her shoulder, etc. He’s a creepy, mixed-messaging manchild, and, from the comfort of my remote control and Papasan chair, I won’t stand for it.

    And also, why can’t he just give someone who isn’t Rachel a solo for the non-competition songs? He acts like God And The Cosmos prevents him from letting Mercedes and Kurt etc sing, but, um, it’s kind of his decision. Way to pass the buck, shithead. So passive-aggro.

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