The Libra responds to a fan of FFBR

FFBR’s friend the Taurus wrote on my facebook wall earlier today:

Why is Khloe and Lamar only on sketchy “free video” websites that insist I fill out surveys or other information, which I am sure is only giving every virus known to Mac on my computer? I don’t have cable, and I kind of want to cry. Can FFBR do weekly puppet shows reenacting K&L highlights?

So, I made this while procrastinating. It’s not any good, mind you, but it just goes to show that I have a generous spirit and will do anything to help my friends, even though they stupidly don’t have cable.

Enjoy my anonymity and dirty socks,
The Libra


About Famous For Bad Reasons

Pop Culture and Feelings, brought to you by two people with too much regard for the former and no regard for the latter.
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2 Responses to The Libra responds to a fan of FFBR

  1. MyMeanFriend says:


    Aptly put. Will this be a recurring segment? It’s nice to hear your voice. *que hair sniff

    • Sadly, it won’t be a recurring segment as I just embarrassed myself and probably anyone who values the work FFBR does, BUT! That said! I think more videos (not made with old dirty socks) might be appropriate in the future.

      –The Libra

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