The Roommate Registry

Western culture is wedding-centric. You’re more likely, as a woman especially, to be congratulated for being engaged and/or pregnant (shotgun wedding, even) than you are for your 4.0 in your graduate program. Marriage is something that is supposed to somehow endow people with “civil rights,” which is just ridiculous. The fact that gay couples have to rise up in arms to get married is obviously insane– it, like many private affairs that happen in the home, isn’t anyone’s business.

Anyway, one of my former students informed me last night that she dreamed I got engaged and warned me that her dreams are usually prophetic.

I am not engaged. I don’t plan on being engaged. I don’t even trust the institution of marriage.

But boy, if I didn’t just take advantage of the possibility of using a wedding registry to FFBR’s benefit: The Roommate Registry of the Gemini and Libra

There’s no reason why good roommates shouldn’t be praised equal to good marriages. Do you know how many marriages end in divorce? Do you know how many married couples I’ve witnessed scream at each other in their homes or at their 4th of July parties? Do you know how many spouses cheat, beat, and lie?

The Gemini and I are great roommates; we’ve lived together before. The only bad thing that ever happened is the Gemini invented in her head the idea of some “dishes fairy” who would come by and do the dishes whenever she’d leave them there. But I don’t blame her. Because deep at heart, I’m kind of a dishes fairy. But that’s nothing compared to what happens in most marriages. So, why not help us out if you feel compelled?

Now, I’m heading out to NYC today. I’ve got an interview tomorrow in the city. Wish me luck, or don’t, but if you want, buy us a cake pan or a coat rack.

–The Libra


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