Why the Libra Needs Those Darlins

In the summer of 2009 I watched Those Darlins open for Elvis Perkins in Dearland in Baltimore. I knew then that they’d be big, and I was glad for it. Lately– or maybe as usual– guys seem to be dominating music. Even indie music. Or at least, the women in indie music are great, poetic, and beautiful– but they don’t have that raw edge that I so badly need in women’s voices. I need to believe that the women singing in front of a microphone have the same need I do to kick things over when angry.

Those Darlins have that.

I may have girly parts, but I got a boy’s heart.

As much as I love all the men who make music now, what with their beards and their cardigans and their sense of the divine and all of that, I just want to see girls kick it out and show me their riffs (as Sleater-Kinney might say). I want to see girls spit, curse, and be cruel. Because anything boys can do, sometimes I do think girls will do better.

Trust me on this. I went to a women’s college.

The Libra


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