The Gemini Watched the Royal Wedding

For the past week, all I’ve heard is how no one gives a crap about the Royal Wedding, “didn’t we fight a revolution to get away from this?” blah blah blah blah blah.

We get it people. You’re very edgy. Congratulations. But at FFBR we say:

I will admit coverage was a little bit overblown. Yes, there are other things worth covering (though see this post for our feelings on that subject). No, CBS News, the world was not “waiting for a new star” because if it was, we’d be famous by now.

But I stumbled over to my couch at 5:15, wrapped myself in a snuggie, and rolled my eyes at the dumb Today Show commentary because I was determined to see this thing. By which I mean, mostly, I was determined to see 1) if Harry was still hot (yep!) and 2) what Kate (excuse me, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) was wearing.

Then, all of a sudden, I was super invested. Tears may have been shed when Kate stepped out of the car (I’m PMSing, okay?) and when vows were exchanged. I could not stop awing at how they genuinely seemed to be in love, and I was glad that it seemed, for now, that the marriage would be the opposite of Charles & Diana. Suffice it to say that by the end of the day, the Libra’s facebook status said this: “After updating [redacted] on all I learned about the Royal Wedding from the internet, I realized I had, without even realizing it, become obsessed with who I shall now call the Duchess of Cambridge.”

And why not? She’s intelligent, well-spoken, loyal to her family, and looks outstanding in Alexander McQueen. She gave thousands of little girls hope that one day, their prince will come.*

So here’s to you Catherine. For once, we salute someone famous for halfway decent reasons.

The Gemini

*I can’t wait for feminists to come after me for this statement!


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2 Responses to The Gemini Watched the Royal Wedding

  1. deborah fedele says:

    I thought the wedding was great but was trying to flip through stations on the wedding day to get updates on the tornado in the South, as I have many friends and family that were in it’s path…I had to wait for the Royal wedding to end to find out anything. I’m betting feminists are waiting for their prince to come too!

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