The Importance of Being Snooki

The Broadway production of The Importance of Being Earnest by one of my favorite gays Oscar Wilde has amped up its advertising, using quotes from Jersey Shore as would be performed in Wilde’s times:

I can’t make this up. It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to get to New York.

See, everyone? People may hate on reality tv stars and say things about how no one’s reading real literature anymore, just Snooki’s book, but even Broadway knows what to do with these quotable characters.

I’m not saying if you can’t beat them up, join them. But do appropriate from them.

–The Libra


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5 Responses to The Importance of Being Snooki

  1. austine says:

    thank you, these clips have provided me with endless entertainment over the past twenty-four hours

  2. Erin Young says:


    That’s the link I tried to ghost-post on your wall. Did you know? The mustached one. Hamlet. High school. Words, words, words.

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