The Libra Talks HelloGiggles, Astrology, and Friendship

Lately I’ve been thinking about astrologically compatible friendships/business partners. I don’t mean one or the other. I mean both. Like, the Gemini and I are astrologically compatible friends and business partners. Well, I guess we can be business partners as soon as we make income or cuisinart appliances off of this blog. Another example, of course, is my theory about bands that have air/water signs together. And another example is HelloGiggles, which is run by Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi (the one I blogged about here, not the porn star), and Molly McAleer (Molls She Wrote). It’s totally adorable. And Zooey is a Capricorn, as is Molly (I asked her via email; I am such a fact-checker), and Sophia is a Scorpio.



Earth/water signs being all complementary. A Scopio flanked by two Capricorns:

You know, a lot of people make fun of me when I bring astrology up. I’m sure some of my family members roll their eyes or insist that I am possessed by the demons that hate on God, which isn’t true. And a lot of you stubborn people who roll your eyes at psuedo-sciences, faith, etc., I get it. I do. But humor me. Do you know how many people I’ve made converts? More than you’d guess.

Like, I wouldn’t say pick your friends based on astrology. By standard (read: boring) astrological compatibility, I wouldn’t technically be as close as I am to my Virgo friends or Charlsie, who’s a Pisces. But don’t be surprised that if you’re running a small business with someone, maybe a successful enterprise that features a lot of “snark” and coffee, don’t be surprise you’re astrologically compatible with that person.

It’s just like yesterday when I was freaking out because I hadn’t gotten a job and was still applying. The Gemini, in typical Gemini form, reminded me not to freak out, that she went on x number of interviews, and gave sound advice (some of which I didn’t need, but that doesn’t matter because as a friend you have to state the obvious to your friends who are freaking out, just in case they’re being temporary idiots). And, like, it was her way of saying, “Calm the fuck down, Libra.” But in a nice, Gemini way. And it worked.

Don’t trust people to tell you who you should be friends with, astrology or no. But do pay attention. Who do you cowrite love letters to professors with? When you’re playing pranks on people you dislike, who’s the person there at your side? Who do you call to talk about seances? When you’re sobbing who do you go to in order to cheer you up? What’s their astrological sign? Can you start a business with these people? Can you survive this global economy?

Just a few questions. Carry on.

Now, a Gemini/Libra text exchange, including a text the Gemini did not reply to from the Libra:

–The Libra


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