The Libra Learns a Lesson About Hipsters from “Happy Endings”

Last night I got an urgent message from the Gemini, telling me to go watch “Happy Endings” on She didn’t specify which, so after my friend Sisyphus left my apartment (we’d spent a lot of time yelling at the television while watching “Four Weddings” and “Say Yes to the Dress”) I went to my computer and looked around, from episode to episode. I got too sleepy and went to bed. When the Gemini clarified it was the “Dave of the Dead” episode, I sat down this morning to watch and found myself pleasantly surprised.

After all, there’s a hipster subplot in this episode.

Without spoiling much, Penny meets a guy named Tobias at a laundromat. She’s wearing her worst outfit– her laundry day outfit, a sort of mom jeans and adorable/hideous animal sweatshirt. Tobias is wearing too many levels of stripes and hideous. Naturally, Penny assumes Tobias is also dressed for laundry day– but no, he’s just a hipster. This is his everyday wear. The rest of the episode featuring Penny trying to pass as a hipster to keep up her relationship with him.

Very creative, eye-catching, and hideous outfits ensue:

There has been debate since college as to whether or not I qualify as a hipster. And, you know, the Gemini freaked out when I told her I’d make her pass as a hipster. We will be living in Brooklyn. Some level of “passing” may be inevitable. At any rate, the thing that makes us stand out, as the Gemini noted here, is sincerity in loving what we love.

I can’t remember the last time I “ironically” liked something. Maybe in college. Maybe when I was 19. Long before I owned a pair of skinny jeans or a bicycle and went to too many concerts where hipsters congregated (Otto Bar in Baltimore, Williamsburg Music Hall– I’m looking at you!).

My friend, who shall remain nameless just in case he tries to google his name again, said that he associates “hipsters with inauthenticity.”

I protested, saying, “They’re an aesthetic movement!”

I think we’re both right. That’s also the same thing as saying “I see the glass as half-empty” when I see it as “half-full.” Probably why I can never be a hipster. I’m not an optimist, but I am an enthusiastic pessimist. I’m one of the few people I know who on a good day sees “utter apocalypse” with a lot of gasoline-fueled silver linings.

So, I’ve got a new show to watch this summer online when I won’t have cable (yes, that’s right– I’m not going to make the decision to get cable until the Gemini moves into our apartment in August, two months after I arrive). Thanks, “Happy Endings,” for reminding me there is a dark side of hipsters– which is why I can’t just nonchalantly call the Gemini one as if I were talking about what’s new in fashion this season.

–The Libra


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