The Libra Waxes Poetic About Friendship Bracelets

I am a big fan of layering bracelets and jewelry to the point of excess. Right now I’m digging my more casual jewelry: a starry bracelet made of hematite that, according to the mystics, will serve as a shield from all the negative energy being thrown my way; two friendship bracelets representing my bond with Sisyphus; and my brand new Libra bracelet, which I purchased along with a Gemini one for the Gemini’s upcoming birthday.

Someone tried to say that friendship bracelets are in right now. Of course they’re in. As long as friendship’s in, friendship bracelets are in. If every model walks down the runway of a top designer’s show wearing a friendship bracelet, I hope to god she’s got lasting friends. Otherwise, the sheer mockery of wearing one of the most holy objects a person can wear is traumatizing.

I recently got back from NYC, where I landed a job and saw the gorgeous apartment I’m going to be sharing with the Gemini. Part of my trip involved visiting my high school friend the Capricorn, who let me sleep in her tiny twin bed with her.. My trip involved having the Cancer buy me dinner and hug me tightly and promise me all things are going to work out well. My trip meant talking loudly on the phone with Sisyphus as she updated me on her own apartment search. My trip ended with sitting on a Greyhound, texting my BFFs to let them know, “Hey, I got a job!”

I spent 24 hours in NYC, but mostly, I was with all my friends, everywhere.

When I went in for my job interview, I made sure to take my friendship bracelets off. I was terrified that if I wore them I’d look too casual, despite wearing a BCBG Max Azria black dress and having hair perfectly coiffed despite the rain. After meeting the wonderful people who interviewed me, I realized, “Shit. I can totally wear friendship bracelets here.” This is important. This is a good sign about my job.

Look, some of us don’t have state championship rings to identify our kind. Or dog tags. Or matching tattoos. Or wedding rings. Or are in a band together. Or have dated each other’s family members. But what we can all have, as we prepare for a maybe apocalyptic future (RAPTURE! BLONDIE!), is this: BFFs. Wave the flag. Wear the flag.

The Libra


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3 Responses to The Libra Waxes Poetic About Friendship Bracelets

  1. deborah fedele says:

    After reading your post, I want a friendship bracelet too!

  2. Tiffany Brown says:

    The best part of my job, and part of the reason I was hired, was due to my excessive and eccentric jewelry. Go big or go home, I say.

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