The Libra’s Final Recap of “Khloe and Lamar” (not the season finale tho)

Last week the Gemini was supposed to fill in for me with the “Khloe and Lamar” recap. She ended up making three videos, all with technical difficulties. If you browse our youtube channel you can see them, and if you pay attention and ignore the weird dubbing or the mumbling of the first video, you can hear her say some pretty flawless and amazing things. Like, announcing our future dog’s name– King Chandler van der Woodsen (of Zanzibar). Or talking about my reluctance to watch Joe Odom onscreen, thus giving the Gemini the spotlight for this recap. So, if you’re interested, go to our youtube videos (by clicking on the embedded one, obviously) and check out the famous4badreasons series of videos for the Missed Episode featuring the Gemini. My favorite thing she does is this weird sort of blank stare, as if maybe she’s in a trance, channeling like demons or something, IDK.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming:

This is my final recap, guys. On Wednesday I move to Brooklyn and won’t have cable; I’ll probably watch the season finale online somewhere, but not in good enough time to recap. So, maybe you guys should all watch it and recap it for me?

–The Libra


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One Response to The Libra’s Final Recap of “Khloe and Lamar” (not the season finale tho)

  1. posancua says:

    Tonight is season finale for khloe and lamar, i will check tomorrow for recap on this website…great post….thanks

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