FFBR Celebrates Kim’s Engagement

It’s a big day at FFBR Headquarters. Our queen, Kim Kardashian, got engaged!

Not only did she get engaged, she landed a 20.5 carat rock. 20.5 CARATS. For comparison’s sake, our other Queen (Kate Middleton, obviously) only got 18 carats. What a commoner! This morning, as we were texting about the happy news, the Libra asked me what one even does with a ring that big. The obvious answer here is “thank God that you made a sex tape” because DAMN. That ring is like the size of my hand.

Anyway, now the real fun begins: the countdown to the inevitable E! special. As someone who still watches the Khloe & Lamar wedding every time it’s aired (no, I don’t have a life, why do you ask?), I’m obviously excited for this event. How over-the-top will the wedding be? Will Khloe get pregnant to upstage Kim? How many times will someone make a reference to her fiancé having the same name as her mother? So many questions to be answered! We can’t wait.

The Gemini


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4 Responses to FFBR Celebrates Kim’s Engagement

  1. MyMeanFriend says:

    In re gigantor ring: shoulder crane.
    Must be machine.
    May look like mechanical bird.

  2. Charlsie N. says:

    His face is just wrong.

    And I love how in January, she was like “This is my year to be single.”

    SINGLE and READY TO MINGLE = marriage. Naturally. It’s the K-Dash way.

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