The Libra Sees Alexander Play, and It’s Adorbs

Last night I left a concert early. The concert was so amazing I had to actually leave early because I was exhausted (old?) and wanted to get back home in a timely manner and remove my cowboy boots. And drink coconut water to rehydrate. And crawl into bed with the fan blowing directly on me.

So, let’s talk for a minute about Alexander and Fam, ie, Alexander Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and what appeared to be half of the Magnetic Zeros on stage with him. He played songs from his new album, including my two favorites “In the Twilight” and “Truth,” which made me wanna clutch his sexy shoulder blades in a deep hug.

And let’s face it– he’s a great performer, bringing a ton of energy to the stage and to the crowd. And Jade of Edward Sharpe fame came up and sang, and she’s like my favorite thing in the world. She looked like an American Girl doll, her flawless skin fresh even under the lights, as she belted out songs with so much power I wondered if maybe she had secretly ingested microphones instead of food all her life.

But really, my favorite part of the evening began as the bouncer was handing out wristbands before the show:

Bouncer: You drinking tonight?
Me: No.

The Bouncer then put a purple wristband on my wrist to indicate some level of alcohol consumption available to me.

Bouncer: Yes you are. In case you want a little champagne later on.

Some other favorite things were all the things I overheard, including an older man explaining how Alexander was totally “original,” which I thought was a little hyperbolic, but this guy knew because he’s “listened to a lot of fucking music, you know?” And the man-groupies who stood there with their newly formed beards and long hair pulled back in clips à la Alexander, explaining how they “got put on the guest list” because the show at the Bowery (where I was at) was sold out, but “Alexander’s just really nice like that!” Or the drunk girl who got to come on stage to sing, and instead of singing, she just kept clutching Jade and nearly dragging her down to the ground, causing said performer to flinch a little and try to steady the young lady in the floral dress.

I’m teasing, but overall, it was kind of cute. People take concerts seriously; I had forgotten!

And my favorite: Alexander’s steadfast refusal to play “Home.” I’m sure he played it after I left, while I rushed to the subway to catch two trains instead of like three or four or a cab home.

“PLAY HOME,” went the crowd.
“Don’t be lame,” he replied.

Alexander Ebert, for all the teasing I do of you on this blog and in real life, you’re all right. Great show. You’ve won me over completely. It has nothing to do with your dingy white Jesus clothes, either.

The Libra


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3 Responses to The Libra Sees Alexander Play, and It’s Adorbs

  1. S.B.N. says:

    That guy was totally trying to subtly offer you champagne.

    Libra, you KNOW that one day you’ll find yourself at a bouncer party, sipping sparkling white grape juice/kombucha and telling them about the wildest nights out that almost happened. Like that Christmas when I got you twelve bearded bards a-leaping and you were all like WHAT DO I DO WITH THESE and ended up in the park at midnight with them all eating raw petits fours and reading Jane Eyre in a circle. And it looked like some sort of weird holistic Victorian manwitch coven.

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