The Gemini Gets New Furniture

As the Libra noted in an eerily accurate essay about my favorite activities, my birthday was last weekend. More importantly, it was also a dear friend’s bachelorette weekend. Yes, we needed an entire weekend to celebrate. Debauchery occurred that will not be detailed on Facebook or a blog that my parents read.

Monday morning I ran out of my apartment on my way to a spontaneous trip to Richmond, lured by the promise of filet mignon & my niece’s presence (not necessarily in that order). I wasn’t really thinking as I left, nor did I have a lot of time to gather my belongings for work the next day (Tuesday morning I headed straight from my parents’ house to the train station to the office). It’s a miracle I even remembered I had a company softball game on Tuesday night and managed to grab my tennis shoes (but not otherwise important things like a t-shirt, which later made me practically sweat to death in 100-degree heat in a borrowed black t-shirt from my mom).

Anyway, after the softball game on Tuesday I arrived home for the first time since Monday morning and was greeted by this sight:

This was confusing, as this functional, attractive table had not been in my apartment before this weekend. Memories of a friend finding it on the street and carrying it into my apartment for me began to form. I wrote on her Facebook wall for clarification, then texted the Libra a picture saying I had a new table for our Brooklyn apartment.

“Shut up,” she wrote. “I have that table.”

She then assured me that a table could not have bed bugs, even if it was picked up from the side of the road.

The point of this story is that 1) the Libra and I both have great furniture taste; 2) as the Libra said, “you can still get people to carry furniture for you”; and 3) we need people to suggest what color I should paint the table before I move in August.

Let me know your thoughts.

The Gemini


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