The Gemini Channels Her Inner Teenager

This probably will not come as any sort of shock, but when I was a young Gemini I loved the Backstreet Boys. LOVED. Like, this was my first contribution to the Internet: Julia’s Backstreet World (Please view and sign the guestbook!!)

And this was my room in 1999:

Yes, that is an entire wall dedicated to Brian ~B-Rok~ Littrell. I also had a separate wall for AJ McLean, because of course I would like the crazy one that eventually went to rehab.

Anyway, when I saw they were joining forces with New Kids on the Block, I didn’t really care too much. I was never into NKOTB and I didn’t want to shell out $100 for a ticket. Luckily, I had friend of FFBR Charlsie to knock some sense into me:

Long story short, I did not end up paying $100 but did buy amazing seats for $60 on Craigslist, so I grabbed my friend we’ll call the Libra #2 & we went on a journey to becoming 13 again.

AND IT WAS AMAZING. I lost my voice from screaming. I even loved the New Kids stuff because 1) who doesn’t always love hearing The Right Stuff and 2) the way they alternated songs with BSB provided ample opportunities for bathroom/refreshment breaks without having to risk missing I Want it That Way (which is obviously one of my top 5 favorite songs of all time).

Seriously though, it was a lot of fun. Was it kind of cheesy? Yes, but boy bands are inherently cheesy. Was a lot of the entertainment due to nostalgia? Probably, but we already knew I’m a big fan of nostalgia.

So yes, it was worth the $60 & I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to act like a teenage girl again. Now I just need Justin Timberlake to get over his ego & do an NSync reunion tour so I can really fangirl out, and also demonstrate that I still know all the dance moves from Bye Bye Bye.

As long as you love me,
–The Gemini


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5 Responses to The Gemini Channels Her Inner Teenager

  1. Charlsie N. says:

    This post is truly larger than life. You have me all the more pumped for my show in a few weeks. KTBPA Julia, keep it alive!

  2. S.B.N. says:

    I don’t know if it’s from Bye Bye Bye, but you know the NSync dance move where you kind of put your arms out in front of you zombie-style and sort of, like…scootjump backwards leading with your ass? I do that one all the time. Also I think I like NSync better now than I did when they were out, and I’d so totally see them live.

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