The Libra Hypothesizes: Everyone Has a Crush on AA Bondy

I have this theory that everyone has a crush on AA Bondy, even– or should I say, especially— straight men. Maybe it’s more of a hypothesis, but I’m not about to engage in any “scientific method” to develop “data” and “results” and write out a “conclusion” like I’m in the ninth grade again (Hi, Mr. Gill! I hope you’re not reading this blog and judging me on my science skills!).

Maybe it’s just male musicians. As of last night I have spoken to two male musicians who I suspect have a mancrush on Bondy (hi, Musicians! If you don’t have a mancrush, feel free to correct me!) I think this is a wonderful thing. What if AA Bondy, in his ruggedness and dear Southern accent and plaids and sardonic wit, is the man to help other men understand and explore their sexuality?

Granted, I’ve been to a lot of concerts where I’ve seen man-groupies wander up to the usually bearded musician, clutching a record to be signed, nearly tripping over themselves, salivating, asking the musician questions about the music industry and instruments. I’ve watched, trying not to giggle, knowing most of these guys go home to their girlfriends and put on some tunes to slowdance into lovemaking (omg, I just said “lovemaking”), all the while thinking of that dreamy show…

But is AA Bondy the one to really seal the deal? To really help men understand how beautiful another man is?

I feel like the answer is obviously yes.

Check this dude out:

Seriously. I know why men everywhere want to touch his statue face.

–The Libra


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2 Responses to The Libra Hypothesizes: Everyone Has a Crush on AA Bondy

  1. Erin "Killer" Young says:

    Great music! Thanks!

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